As a large company, you are convinced that your business in 10 years will not be the one you are playing in today. You anticipate that new technologies such as Big data, cloud computing, internet of things…..and many others could disrupt your value chain and you would like to be part of the new game.
  • Our expertise:  Strategy, R&D reorganization, Go to market for new technologies, Change management, Talent management, Corporate Venturing, Intrapreneurship, Universities and external partners relation Innovation management.

As a startup, you are part of the innovation arena but your potential investors really do not get it
  • Our expertise: Relationship with investors, Fundraising, Strategy, Coaching, Board membership

As an academic institution, you would like to develop relationships with industrial partners and an ecosystem favorable for innovation
  • Our expertise: Business development, Strategy,  Collaboration with industrial partners, Creation of a stimulating ecosystem